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Retirement Planning

With a retirement planned portfolio, our team will ensure that your portfolio faces minimum exposure, and has opportunities that mitigate as much risk as possible.

Whether you are in your mid 20’s or early 50’s now is the time to focus on creating a retirement plan that will set you on the right path to a safe retirement. Asia Pacific Management knows that when it comes to retirement, starting a retirement portfolio as early as possible can be the difference between a comfortable retirement and just getting by. To make the most out of your retirement portfolio, you most likely want to get the ball rolling early, this is mainly due to compound interest and a much wider selection of opportunities over the years your portfolio will build. In doing so, you will put yourself in a very favorable position when you decide the time is right for you to hang up your tools and retire, also by creating a portfolio early, you may be able to retire sooner than you expected.

To give you a rough idea of how an early retirement portfolio can benefit you, say you created a retirement portfolio in your mid 20’s, earning an average of $60,000 USD per annum. If as an investor you took just fifteen percent of your income and put that money to work for you in one of Asia Pacific Management’s retirement portfolio’s you would see a return of almost $850,000 USD more than if you started saving for retirement ten years later. The example shown estimates that, you have an annual salary starting at $60,000, with a modest increase of 4% per financial year, and contributing 15% of that annual salary (before taxes) to your Asia Pacific Management retirement plan. Of course with a retirement planned portfolio, our team will ensure that your portfolio faces minimum exposure, and has opportunities that mitigate as much risk as possible.

With the cost of living increasing all the time, on a global scale, Asia Pacific Management believes it is more prudent than ever to have an early retirement plan in place for you, and your family’s financial future. Our retirement plans, are created and maintained to suit each individual client, based on their current income, and financial situation. If your 25 years old, and just looking at starting a plan, or a seasoned professional who is looking to secure their retirement and increase their current income from their bank, Asia Pacific Management are there to assist you with everything you need, to ensure that you can live comfortably in your retirement.

We understand that your income only stretches so far, and the majority of people between the ages of 20-50 do no instantly start thinking of their retirement plan, when money is coming in. Our goal here at Asia Pacific Management is to work with you, and around your finances to design and implement a working strategy that will not take away from your current living situation day to day, but will allow you to feel safe, knowing that you are starting to build a plan and financial solution for your later years. Time is always a limiting factor when planning a retirement, which is why our advisors will work with you to start your plan sooner rather than later, which will in turn allow you to not have to worry about saving even later down the line. Our team of retirement portfolio professionals, work with you to make sure your goals are at the center of your plan, we want to make sure that you are comfortable and your quality of life from start to finish is always enjoyable.

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