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What is Risk Versus Return?

Investing with Asia Pacific Management can be a highly efficient way to grow your capital and build strong foundations for your financial future, while you plan the life you want to live. It is also of great importance that you understand that when investing in the markets, there is no absolute risk free strategy, and there is always a chance, no matter how small that you may find yourself in a position that loses money, or not perform as well as expected. No matter where you invest, be it with a local broker or an international investment house like Asia Pacific Management, all investments carry some level of risk, due to a lot of global factors such as inflation, tax, drops in particular markets, or economic downturns.

Different types of investments carry a different level of capital risk, as well as a variation of returns on your investments. Asia Pacific Management’s team of financial experts, will always work with you to determine your risk tolerance, and only choose investments that are suited to your level of exposure in the markets. We believe that there is no investment strategy that is right for every investor so we will go above and beyond to ensure that you as an investor are comfortable with the decisions you make on your portfolio.

With our portfolio managers sharing centuries of experience dealing with the international markets, they understand firsthand what it takes to manage investment risk, and they this by focusing on four key areas of investments, that determine how much exposure you will face. Your broker will work with you to determine the time frame you wish to invest for, with a number of options available from short term holds to long term positions, our brokers will help you decide what is right for you.

We understand that not every investment will be right for every investor, so if you express that you are not comfortable with a certain type of investment vehicle our brokers will respect that, and be able to offer you another avenue to explore.

Asia Pacific Management’s portfolio managers know that the key to reducing risk, and enhancing portfolios returns, is the diversification of investments. Spreading your capital across a multitude of different investments, rather than relying on a single type of asset class, will not only increase your growth, but help protect you from drops in a certain market. Additionally we truly believe in investor education, and we believe that the more you understand about your portfolio and the investments it consists of, is one of the greatest tools that you can use when investing. The more you know about the markets, and the potential investment vehicles that you can choose from, the better you will become at identifying the best choices for you and your financial future.

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